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Founded by three brothers in the youngest brother's college dorm room, Kitu Life is now one of the fastest-growing beverage companies in the world. Our consumer packaged coffee products taste great, contain no sugar and have added supplements such as Protein, MCT oil and L-Theanine. We are committed to spreading positive energy with a great culture and only the very best employees who have a strong desire to be part of something truly special should apply.
Manager: National PEP Squad Director
Direct Reports: Assigned Regional Sales or Field Marketing Manager
Pay: 25/hr
Schedule: Weekends with Flexible Weekdays

Job Description

  1. Reports directly to an assigned Regional Sales Manager (RSM) or Field Marketing Manager (FMM)
  2. Specific and defined goals and expectations to be set by assigned RSM and or FMM. This could include assignment of work duties that range between 3 and 20 hours per week; the mandatory visiting of 15-20 accounts per week; and conducting a minimum of 1 sampling event demo and maximum of 3 event sampling demos per weekend
  3. Depending on geographical region assigned and solely at the discretion of assigned RSM and or FMM, PEP Squad Member may be asked to participate in a regularly scheduled, mandatory weekly sales conference call that will last no longer than 30 minutes in duration
  4. Establishing, building and maintaining relationships with Grocery Store and Category Managers along with Buyers
  5. Utilizing positive relationships at the store management level to improve secondary placement of all Kitu Life SKUs within a series of store sets
  6. Also utilizing positive relationships at the store management level with regard to the procurement of feature Kitu-product displays to help increase exposure and sales within a store. Display-types can include, but are not limited to, rack displays, end cap displays, cooler displays and floor displays. In order to successfully install display, PEP Squad Member must be physically able to lift and carry up to 30 lbs.
  7. Following procurement of display commitment, then coordinate with Store Management and DSD partners to ensure we arrive to install a display on the same day palette of our product arrives
  8. Following installment of display, coordinate and execute a product sampling demo on a high trafficked day with the intent of selling as much product as possible. Display a positive attitude at all times and espouse a strong educational knowledge of our products when engaging consumers. In order to successfully execute an in-store product sampling demo in store, PEP Squad Member must be physically able to stand consecutively for a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of 4 hours
  9. In addition to sampling demo events conducted inside of retail stores, PEP Squad Member may also be asked to represent Kitu Life at special events such as corporate demos, conventions, festivals, etc. 
  10. Conduct routine store visits to interact with store and category managers to ensure we are meeting their needs and expectations
  11. Conduct additional routine store visits to merchandise and “touch up” all home placement, secondary placement and product displays
  12. Utilize Kitu’s designated Field Marketing Reporting Tool to record all time worked as well as to transmit all data that pertains to the productivity of store visits and sampling demos

To apply please email your resume to our

Director of the Positive Energy Project, Sam Caplan