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It all started in our little brother’s dorm room…

Super Coffee was created in 2015 by Jordan DeCicco, a tired freshman point guard on Philadelphia University’s varsity basketball team. Jordan had 5am basketball practices and late nights in the library; he refused to drink the mainstream bottled coffees and energy drinks loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients, so he brewed his own. Jordan bottled organic Colombian coffee with protein, healthy fats and zero sugar to fuel his demanding lifestyle. 

Jordan’s dorm room Super Coffee worked so well for him that his teammates, classmates, and coaches wanted some too. He quickly realized he solved a problem much bigger than just one tired college athlete. Before long, he called his two older brothers, Jake and Jimmy, and pitched them his idea for a Positive Energy company. 

Jake was heading into his senior year as a starting wide receiver on Georgetown University’s football team, and Jimmy had just graduated from Colgate University where he served as captain of the football team. Jake and Jimmy heard Jordan’s enthusiasm and commitment to bringing this better-for-you bottled coffee to the masses and decided to team up with their little brother.

Together, Jimmy quit his job on Wall Street, Jordan dropped out of college—forfeiting his full scholarship—Jake sacrificed his senior-year social life, and the brothers founded Kitu Life, Inc., makers of Super Coffee. They sold their first bottle of Super Coffee to Whole Foods in January of 2016 and haven’t looked back since. 

From 4am deliveries, to Sunday morning sampling sessions, the brothers did not rest until Super Coffee was the best-selling bottled coffee in 1 store, then 2 stores then 10 stores…

Today, just 4 years after Jordan was falling asleep in class... 

  • Super Coffee is now the best-selling bottled coffee in over 20,000 stores across the country. 
  • The company now has more than 85 full-time employees from New York to LA, and growing every day.
  • The brothers pitched their product on ABC’s Shark Tank, and despite not getting a deal on the show, Super Coffee has raised over $30 million in venture capital since its founding. 
  • Upon dropping out of college, Jordan received the esteemed Peter Thiel Fellowship for student entrepreneurs.
  • Jordan, Jake, and Jimmy were featured on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for the class of 2019.
  • And our work here is just getting started…

Super Coffee’s fundamental philosophy is work hard and be nice to people. We believe if you change your energy, you can change your world.